The East Troy Area Historical Society exists to serve the community through preservation and education. We would like to be a resource for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to invite a member to come talk to your group. We allow the community to have access to plat maps, documents, and photos as well. We would be happy to copy any of these resources at a nominal fee for materials. Check our Research Policy for further details.

Topics we have spoken on:

  • The beginnings of East Troy
  • Founding Fathers of East Troy
  • Legends of East Troy (Famous people, stories, explosions and fires, ghosts, etc.)
  • Going to a one-room school house
  • Eugene Chafin: A famous politician
  • Everyday history: Life in old East Troy (fashions, household items, chores, jobs)

Guided tours we have done:

  • Memories around the Square
  • A tour of East Troy area historic buildings (stores, houses, churches, etc.)
  • A guided tour and lecture on our displays

Photographic Preservation services:
We will come to visit your group’s event. Anyone who has photos that they would like preserved and shared with the community would be invited to bring them for digital scanning. Donors keep their original photos for their own family collection, while the digital image is archived and made available for community resource. Donors are encouraged to share stories and information about each photo to enrich the significance of each record, which will be filed digitally along with the photograph. Donors are welcome to donate the original photos as well, if they wish.

Thumbnail photos from our archives will be available at events for patrons to browse and request copies.

This service has been offered in the past to fundraising dinners, fairs, and informational and entertainment programs. If you would like more information, do not hesitate to contact us!

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