About Us

Welcome to the East Troy Area Historical Society website!  We provide a venue to those interested in sharing their love of history, especially those memories associated with this area of southeastern Wisconsin.  Whether East Troy is your home or was an area that played a part in your life along the way, we open our doors to offer a place where you can share memories, ask questions, and enjoy our community’s treasures.  Or, maybe you can even find a new home for your treasures or share your memories.

What will you find when you visit the Kubicki Heritage Center?  Read down to find out.

Statement of Purpose:

The East Troy Area Historical Society (ETAHS) exists for the purpose of educating the public about the history of East Troy, Troy, Troy Center, La Fayette, Spring Prairie, and the Troy Lakes area, and for preserving artifacts from these communities for the benefit of all of its citizens.  The ETAHS is an accredited 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that operates by donation and the efforts of volunteer members.  Membership is open to all interested citizens.

Come visit us at the Kubicki Heritage Center on the historic East Troy town square!

What will you find if you come visit us?  The first thing that will meet you is a cheerful and professionally presented space to chat and look at photos and other artifacts.  There are usually several historical society members, volunteers, and guests sitting and sharing discoveries around a central conference table.  You can walk right in and join in!  We are here to help you discover!

There are also other spaces to explore in our center:

  • Theater
  • Photo and paper artifact room
  • Library room with books and bound newspapers
  • Computer and internet access
  • Children’s room
  • Exhibit hall with several new exhibits each year
  • Exhibits and photos presenting the historical timeline of East Troy
  • Children’s exploration room
  • Gift Shop with ETAHS publications, handcrafts and other items with historical flair

What can you do at our center?  Of course, you can view everything we have designed for you to view.  But you are also invited to ask us to help you view photos, research sites, read old newspapers for fun … whatever interests you!  We will show you how to handle the documents properly, and stay to assist you with your viewing.  If you need copies of photos or articles, we can assist you to obtain what you need.  Donations for copies help us keep our doors open and our museum free!

Seasonal Events:

Annual events include:

  • Winter exhibit – usually we roll out a new exhibit around this time of year
  • May Founder’s Day celebration – we chose a town founder to honor each year around the 20th of May to honor.  Wreath laying ceremony and other events are sometimes planned.
  • Memorial Weekend Brat Sale – with the ET Chamber of Commerce
  • Community Rummage Sale – fundraising through selling our own personal collections (nothing from the museum collection) — all proceeds fund our free center and programs.
  • Fourth of July Parade – when we can, we love participating in the parade!
  • 5K Community Run-Walk event – the last Saturday in August we have a big race right through the historic buildings of town!  Run and compete, or walk with your friends.  It’s a fun high energy family event!  Make a team and come out!  Food, fun, music, and medals.
  • Bluegrass Fest – pie sale!
  • Summer-Fall exhibit – usually the second exhibit of the year
  • Fall fun event – alternating years we do a Cemetery tour or a Ghost walk.  Costumed guides story-tell about founding individuals and families.  Or tell about strange events, lore, and surprising stories.  Tours by donation, family event.
  • Christmas Open House – when Santa comes to town, come warm up and visit us!  We open our doors to share some hospitality.

Watch our front page for news about upcoming events, and how to join in!