QR Tour of the Square: Welcome and Instructions

Welcome to the QR Code tour of the historic East Troy Village Square.  

This information has been compiled and provided by the East Troy Area Historical Society, and was first published in a booklet called “A Walk Around the Square”.  For more information on any of the buildings, or East Troy’s history, feel free to call or visit the Kubicki Heritage Center, located on the East side of the Square.  Information about the historical society, its resources or programs can be found at www.etahs.org.

The East Troy Chamber of Commerce has provided free WiFi on the square, which you are welcomed to use for your tour.  Just go to the front of each business and look for a QR code to scan with your smartphone.  A web page will pop up with historic photos and information about each building.  

We hope you enjoy the tour.  If you have any information to add to any of the sites, please contact the secretary of the East Troy Area Historical Society at easttroyareahistorical@gmail.com