#8: 2880 East Main Street

Originally the Al Smith Pool Hall, this building has housed many shops under its original tin roof. After the pool hall, the building became the Wenot Barber Shop, which was later converted into the Idle Hour Theater with the installation of a Wurlitzer box organ. If you look on the doorstep, you can still see part of the theater name in the tiles; and looking up you can see the marquee with some of the sockets for the numerous light bulbs. Later, it became a Greek ice cream parlor, and later still a bakery run by Went, Nelson, Goedtke, and finally Krubert. Next, the shop was divided and housed MacArthur Jewelry and Bazen Television. Then the shop was taken over by East Troy Auto Parts, and later by American Family Insurance. The upper floor contained the dentist office of Dr. Boyle and later, Dr. Nyffeler. It has now been remodeled into apartments.  American Family Insurance was owned and operated by Jason Tess in the most recent decades.  While repairing the sewer in front of the building in 1991, a 50-foot deep well was found with water still in it!