#4: 2888 Main Street

Built in 1881, this cream-city brick building was operated as a hardware store by George Medows and John And George Chafin. Later, the business was sold to Robert Lacy and Lawrence Clancy, the latter of who was once the Mayor of East Troy. Mr. Clancy was also appointed Postmaster by President Wilson on December 22nd, 1915. Bob and Harold Hardaker bought the business from Lacy and Clancy.

An addition was built onto the back of the building to house a rope-operated elevator, which is still there. The hardware business also sold Overland automobiles. In 1981 Roy and Carol Worall bought the business and it became Pro Hardware. Later, the building became home to Main Street Antiques. Afterward, a gourmet coffee and gift shop called Sincerely Yours occupied this spot for a couple of years. They then moved to the Alpine Shopping Center. On March 3rd, 1998, Mr. John Lenz and his wife Cynthia Lenz took over the building, and ran The Chile Company, a seller of products and gifts from the American Southwestern culture.   The building was then sold to Tom Garvens.  In the basement of the building you could still find the flagstone floor and the large fieldstone walls typical of earlier times.