#39: Vacant Lot on Division Street & #40: 2079 North Division Street

#39: Vacant Lot on Division Street

The building that once stood here was built by E.Z. Ball. The larger left side was Harold O’Malley’s “Palace of Sweets Ice Cream Parlor”. The ice cream was delivered on the streetcars in callon containers that had been packed in ice to keep them cold. This building was also occupied by Nelson Troy Dinette, Young Fashions, John Barnes, Kate’s Fabric Shop, Johannesen-Farrar Insurance, Tripco Travel, and Drahnes’ Stained Glass Shop, Drahnes offered classes in the art of making stained glass. On the second floor Doc. Connell had his office after WWII. When Johnny Williams purchased the building in the 1960’s, he converted the upstairs into an apartment. He also ran an ice cream parlor in this building. THe right side was Barthoff Jewelry and later Charlie’s Barbershop. Dr. Gates also had offices here. Ablove this part was the Red Top Milk Company run by Otto Nystedt. Next to this area there was a building that was built by Earl Eddy as a garage for his car. His house was located behind these three buildings. The building later became a barbershop run by many subsequent owners; Keats and Thrall, Cap Billman, and Forrest Mitchell. It was known as Larry’s Barbershop when it burned to the ground in the Christmas Eve fire of 1983.  It was bought by RJ’s tavern and used as an outdoor dining and beer garden space for the bar.

#40: 2079 North Division Street

This brick structure was built to be the Farmer’s and Merchant’s Bank in 1912 by Dr. O’Leary, B.F. Schwartz, Jim Jude, John Crosswaite and Jim Brooks. The bank went broke and was liquidated in 1932, a victim of The Great Depression. It them became a tavern, operated by Hap and Cec Spiegelhoff, who lived upstairs. Cec Spiegelhoff later ran it alone. D. Roach had his office upstairs and at one time there wa a shooting gallery and a slaughter house in the basement. Ron Robran later owned and rented out the hall. RJ’s tavern and Loft and Spyders has been located in the tavern space on the lower level.