#3: 2890 Main Street

Built in 1863, this 5,500 square foot building housed the Post Office during the 1930’s where Mrs. Jim Leonard served as Postmistress. Herb Linde and C.C. Randolph also served as Postmaster. The upper floor contained a cigar factory, operated by Mr. Lender. His cigars were known as “East Troy Park Cigars” with the box cover displaying a picture of the Square. There was also a hall upstairs used for card games and group activities such as the meetings and dance of the Masons and the Eastern Star. Here young lasses that were about to enter womanhood attended the meetings and dances in hopes of becoming a member. The original coat hooks and light fixtures are still in the building. At one time an artist lived on the upper floor. Mr. Tom Garvey currently owns the building.