#1: 2068 North Division Street

This lovely building with the wrap-around porch was built around 1853 by A.G. Hibbert. Some say that he was a lord from England. All of the materials for the house, including the windows were imported from England. The house was later owned by Mrs. Jenny Donaldson, and then by Al Smith. Mr. William Johnston subsequently purchased the house. In the course of time, the building has house a tea room, an undertaking parlor, and the East Troy Public Library. It water served as an office building: including the office of Attorney Dan Ryan, whose family also lived in the building. The basement once had a European oven and the third story housed a conservatory and-rumor has it-a resident ghost. It seems that a young man hung himself in this house and his spirit, apparently harmless, decided to stay around for awhile. It had been said that when the building was a library, books often inexplicably fell off of the shelves. However, there haven’t been any recent sightings. This house was used as an office building by Tripco Travel and later by Kavanaugh Realty. East Troy Tax Service (Eric Kramer) occupied the second floor.