#15: 2106 South Church Street & #16: 2108 South Church Street

#15: 2106 South Church Street

Joe Lacy’s house once stood on part of this land; the remainder was a vacant lot. The house was torn down in 1939. Augie Geyer built and operated a theater in 1939 and later sold it to Lauren Husten. Mr. Husten sold the theater to Mr. Macklin. The theater was demolished by fire, and Mr. Macklin then built the present structure and eventually sold it to the Village. The hall was finished in December 1974. The current building contained all Village Administrative offices, as well as the police station, before being sold to the East Troy Area Historical Society.

#16: 2108 South Church Street

The original building was an apartment building, built right next to the sidewalk in the early 1800’s. It was the oldest building in East Troy until it was torn down, and replaced by a blacksmith shop, that was, in turn, partially destroyed by fire. When it was rebuilt it was moved to its present location. Joe Lacy and Rube Behlen both used it as a blacksmith shop. For awhile the Johnson Motors Ford dealership occupied the building and in 1968 Lester and Dorothy Rose purchased it. Dorothy, Lester, and their son, Rick ran a marine sales shop.  After they moved to a larger location East on Main Street, the lot was converted to a municipal parking lot.