#14: 2104 South Church Street

Built in 1908 as a jewelry shop by Mr. Fred Coburn, this building had a walled-in vault with alarms on the doors and windows. After Mr. Coburn moved into the Went building by the Buena Vista House, the shop was run by Robert MacArthur and later by Marvin Markestad. The East Troy Post Office occupied the premises for ten years, followed by Knepel Electric. The building then became the office of Mr. Dan Ryan, Attorney. In 1979, Ray Wills bought the Charles Maier Agency and moved it here. Recently, Tri-County Scurek Insurance was located in this building. In 1998, the building was stripped of its modern facing and remodeled to closely resemble its original appearance. At this time, the interior was also redone for the new tenants, Village Square Jewelers. Living quarters occupy the upper floor.