#13: 2100 South Church Street

A meat market occupied this location, operated by the Healy brothers, and later by Mr. Kortendick. It then became a small restaurant run by Mr. Claude Barthoff, and later Dr. Budnick remodeled the building to accommodate his office.

Unfortunately, a gas leak demolished the building, killing Dr. Budnick and injuring two patients. Lloyd Henry built the present building (to be incorporated into a new building), using it as his law office until his retirement.

Next door to his was the home of Abe and Hank Healy, owner of the butcher shop. Hank Healy’s son, William, a graduate of the Class of 1928, was inducted into the hall of fame at Whitewater College in 1982 for his coaching at the University of Illinois, Bloomington. For several years this small house was home to The Enchanted Florist. In November of 1990, to make room for a new office building, it was moved to Church Street across from the Trolley Museum. The next lot originally housed the shop of dressmaker, Mrs. Sommers, Abe Healy’s sister. The Prasch Shop was the local shoemaker, which came next, and the Knight Restaurant, a small diner.

After the diner, it became a shoe shop run by several different people. At one time it was a fruit and vegetable stand. Bruce Tess later occupied the building for the office of American Family Insurance.

Today there is a two-story building built by Mr. Hudec in 1991, covering the whole area to Tri-County Insurance. The law offices occupy much of the building. Paul Nyffeler, CPA, has one office in front and The East Troy News is in the other front office.